Acrylic Sweaters vs Wool Sweaters

What is the difference between acrylic and wool, the origin of wool is comes from a variety of animals and the acrylic yarn make from a blend of chemicals construction of acrylic fibers is manmade and wool fibers are all natural fibers.

Acrylic Sweaters

Acrylic fabrics easily blending with other fabrics and other side wool hard to blend with other fabrics, acrylic shrink when heat is on, Acrylic very easy to care and wool not that easy to care for.

Hypoallergenic wool usually but some people do have wool allergies also chemicals have allergies to, acrylic is highly flammable and burns easily and wool resists flames and sparks is very affordable


Breathability is very good and can shrink a lot when washed

Wool very warm depending on weave and acrylic some versions are warmer then wool, Wool can be soft but also itchy and not smooth but acrylic smooth and now soft used to be rough and itchy It is very expensive and usually

Mostly Pakistani Brands Oxford, Bonanza, Smartfit and Leeds those used wool and acrylic yarn to make gents and ladies sweaters.

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